Be proactive

Minor insulation improvements in the voids of your home can carry dramatic long-term benefits when performed correctly. While homeowners often forget about these limited access parts of the home, the gradual depletion in r-level of insulation can be quickened significantly by calamitous events.

Insurance is rarely responsible

Insurance providers have a world of adaptive ways to dodge the prohibitive cost of continuous insulation replacement. When these expensive projects need to be winnowed down, let Watchdog help you prioritize your purchase to fully protect your home and your health. Apart from the obvious mold that results from continuous leaks, persistent wildlife traffic can pose immediate health threats and long term home equity damage for unsuspecting homeowners.  



Customized Solutions

Anticipating the varied causes and solutions to energy loss in your home is a challenge we welcome. Let us verify that your work is code compliant and correct failures when we find them to maximize your energy benefits and minimize wear on your heating and air conditioner.