Residential Defender

I'm talking to some local businesses about a 360 defense offering.

I've reconnected in the past year with several nearby services and I've got a mind to offer a consolidated service called Residential Defender designed to consolidate home protection from the elements, wildlife and intruders. I'm thinking mainly of elderly folks who might be overwhelmed by the frequent pass-offs that seem to occur when seeking minor home solutions. Even when you pay recurring fees for ongoing resolutions, busy trades who offer free inspections have a difficult time offering individual repairs partly because of other larger contracts as well as frequent overlap that occurs in home maintenance. If you told me I could consolidate my communications with several recurring home services through one representative I imagine the frustration that crops up with minor repairs would be mitigated significantly. I've got the url already, and I'd love to take the temperature on this idea. Local Security companies, roofers and insulation installers who who be helped with this sort of pass-through should contact me for details and I'll be eager to create a promotional offer that grows our businesses. 

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