Perils of Logo design

I loved our logo when I first saw it. setting it against a black background looked like a negative of the old title sequence to Home Alone, which worked perfectly to convey a sense of solitude and helplessness. I wanted to do the opposite, and make clients feel empowered in a way that most wildlife prevention companies fail to do. In addition to offering wildlife protection repairs, I always wanted to catch shoddy contractor work and I had in mind that I might integrate home security down the road at some point so "watchdog" just seemed like a great name to grow into. I could wax poetic about the visual metaphor of a guardian wrapping the silhouette of a home, but it seems every third veterinarian had a woefully similar idea for their signs, so perhaps I'm not the authority on these marketing mattes ;-)

There is one drawback though: every time I park at a pet supply store I get approached about pet-sitting. I guess you can't think of everything. but hey, at least people are striking up conversations with me. I'll take it how I can get it.

Residential Defender

Thanks so much for everyone's support!