Custom Solutions

Watchdog eagerly offers custom carpentry solutions with long-term renewable warranties tailored to your desires. We are well equipped for small projects and work closely with local craftsmen when referrals are necessary to ensure that all projects are fully realized and long lasting. With terrible frequency we encounter well-intentioned work from competitors that lasts half as long as it should because they fail to anticipate the long-term effects that environmental factors have on their work.

Experience Matters

From wood-destroying insectsto gradual recurring rot, expensive carpentry can be undone in only a season by inattentiveness.  Worse still, many of these mistakes go unnoticed for years before crippling your home sale when a contractor uncovers the error. Without an engineer, custom home improvements can fall victim to similar oversights whenambitious builders get neck-deep on projects that require incidental modifications to roofs, gutters, grades, and exteriors.



Find problems before they find you

 The old adage says custom homes have custom holes. Don't let your inspection undercut your appraisal because of concealed mistakes in custom projects. With a comprehensive inspection and unsurpassed attention to detail we ensure that our work is verifiable and outlasts the competition.